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At Outlet Price, we are focused on offering the best online shopping experiences to our customers at the lowest price. When we were developing this platform, we envisioned it to become the best online shopping website and one stop shop in the entire world. So far we have only managed to conquer the online marketplace of the UAE. It is a great achievement, but we have set higher targets for ourselves.

We know to achieve our goals we have to provide the best shopping experiences and after-sales services to all our customers. While we try hard to offer the most intuitive and friendly shopping experiences online, there can always be slight hiccups along the way. To streamline all those, we have a rockstar customer success department that is always willing to hear from you. These friendly people are trained by the best customer support professionals to offer you international standard services. 

If you have any queries or need someone to talk to about our website or you simply can’t find something you are looking for on your website, feel free to contact our customer care department. Our teams will be more than willing and happy to help you out. You can contact us by call or you can email us. We will respond in record time and solve all your issues. 

What can you expect from our customer success teams?

Nothing less than absolute friendliness, courtesy, and genuine care!

Our customer success teams are trained to offer you the best support available in the UAE. These are professionals who would go the extra mile to ensure you get the best products delivered without a worry at your doorstep. 

At Outlet Price, we strive to offer you discounted shopping experiences at the best online shop in the UAE. You can think of us as a factory outlet online of your favorite brands that are on clearance sale online. While shopping at Outlet Price, you will feel like you are benefiting from a big sale on the best online shop in your country. Through all these efforts we have emerged as the best online shopping website in the UAE and this is only one of the horizons that we have conquered. 

Outlet Price offers you the lowest price available for high-end products online. We advise all our customers to check our home page regularly to update themselves about the current discounts we are offering. You can strike great deals on your desired products any day at Outlet Price. Have fun shopping!