Who can buy from Outlet Price?

Anyone with a valid debit or credit card can buy from Outlet Price. The buyers need to be at least 18 years of age and if they are underaged they need an adult to help them out with the purchase. Other than this, anyone who wants to upgrade their lifestyle and enhance their living experience with high-end products from prominent brands can buy from Outlet Price. If you are looking for clearance sale online or products matching the prices of factory outlet online, Outlet Price offers you discounted shopping experiences. Have a look at our massive discounts here.

How do I shop at Outlet Price?

Buying products from Outlet Price is very easy! You can search for your desired products from our search bar. You can also browse from our various categories to find all related products for your purchase. Browsing from the categories section is a great way to find related products available at massive discounts. You can also scroll on the home page to view our latest offerings and discounts. 

While you are on a search page you can use our filters to arrange the searched products in the order of pricing, freshness and popularity. Once you have found the desired product, you can read the description to understand more about what is being offered. Now if you are ready to buy, you can add that item to your cart by pressing on the shop now button and then move on to the cart page to fill in your details, address and payment methods. Shopping at Outlet Price is easy as it is the best online shopping website available in the entire UAE.

What happens if the product I ordered is out of stock?

We have a strong supply chain and active inventory management staff so we are positive that our products will rarely go out of stock. But in the advent of a big sale or clearance sale online, if you find a product that is out of stock, you will be immediately informed about it when you try to add it to your cart. Not only will you be informed that the product is out of stock, our software will prevent you from adding it to your cart. 

In this case, you have added a product to your cart and then it goes out of stock due to increased popularity, and you are at the checkout screen, you will be informed there that the product is out of stock. In this case, you will need to remove the out of stock item from your cart as you won’t be able to proceed to checkout with an out of stock item. 

If you have completed the check out process and have received an order confirmation and then the product goes out of stock then we will try our best to source the products and fulfill the order in the required time. We are the best online shopping website and we offer prices that can be compared with prices of factory outlet online or clearance sale online. We take our customers very seriously and try our best to offer the best possible customer experience. In the worst case scenario, when we are unable to fulfill our order and fail to source your selected products, we will inform you about the delay and cancel your order. We will apologize for the inconvenience caused and reverse all related charges made to your credit or debit card against that purchase. This is a very rare event but if it occurs, it is our responsibility to inform you in advance.

Can I cancel an order or a product purchase?

Yes, Outlet Price gives you the complete freedom to buy the products you like. This is why we offer order cancellation services to all our clients looking for clearance sale online or discounted shopping at factory outlet online. 

In the case you have placed an order you can always cancel it completely or partially before it is shipped. Once the order is shipped, it cannot be canceled because it will be out of our stores and on its way to your preferred destination. For the canceled orders you will be given loyalty points or gift vouchers as compensation. 

You can check the status of your order and see if it has been shipped or not from the “Order Status” section. Once you are on the Order Status dashboard you can click on the specific order you want to cancel and see its shipping status. 

Is there a limit to the quantity I can order?

We have placed no limits on the products that can be ordered from Outlet Price. While we are trying our best to make this portal the best online shopping website in the UAE, we have placed mechanisms to ensure you are buying the quantities you actually intend to. Sometimes people place large orders by mistake and in these instances they are presented with a message asking them if they are sure about the quantity they have ordered. They can either accept or decline to proceed further.

How can I return a product that I have purchased from Outlet Price?

While we try our best to ensure our products are of utmost satisfaction to all our clients, in case you wish to return a purchase from Outlet Price you can easily do so. All you have to do is to call our customer care and inform them about the product that you want to return. They will guide you through the rest of the process. 

Outlet Price is the best online shopping website in the UAE. We offer discounted shopping experiences and deliver quality products to your doorsteps. You can consider us as a factory outlet online that offers products at prices you will find in clearance sale online or big sale events. You can always feel free to return our products but you won’t find similar prices elsewhere.