Be visionary and think powerful with the strong Arabian eagle perfumes. The original brand carries Middle East nature heritage. Arabian Eagle succeeds in all subjects: Woody, musky, spicy, or natural.


Just like the eagle, the brand supports visionary thinkers and ambitious individuals. Fly high, and see the world with better aspects with Arabian Eagle fragrances.


The brand name says a lot about the perfumes it offers. Eagle is considered a fearless, dominating bird with a sharp and focused vision. It knows how to show its majesty and stand high among all other birds. Like the eagle, this brand gives you the confidence and the potential you need to stand high and show your capability to others around you.


The company has released a set of popular fragrances available for both gentlemen and ladies.


Arabian Eagle Perfumes


The company has provided several popular scents depending on the consumers’ preferences. Unisex versions include Rout Eau De Parfum, soul, dreams+souls+nights, valor, incredible Arabia, and others. The brand’s season collection is highly loved. Apart from these, scents including Eagle 222 for men are also in huge demand.


Arabian Eagle Oils


Apart from Eau De Parfums, the brand has some oils as well. These oils are good for those who like oil scents with more natural elements. Oils such as pure musk concentrated oil and oudh seufi hass concentrated are available in good quality.


Home Fragrances


Arabian Eagle never disappoints. The brand has a special collection of home fragrances that add much to your mood. Home scents include the typical Middle East Bukhoor, the popular Hindi Kadeem, the vibrant oud and others are available in various forms. Oud sticks, oud boxes, bukhoor, and others are in stock. Arabian Eagle’s bukhoor collection set is a perfect gift you can give to your friends and family.

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