Carolina Herrera Bad Boy For Men Le Parfum Eae De Parfum
Carolina Herrera Bad Boy For Men Le Parfum Eae De Parfum

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy For Men Le Parfum Eae De Parfum


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CH Bad Boy Le Parfum Eau De Parfum For Men 150ML

Volume : 150ML

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Carolina Herrera Bad Boy For Men 150ML

About the product

Whether you're a bad boy or a good boy, every man needs a little Carolina Herrera in his life. With Bad Boy for Men, Herrera has created a scent that is both macho and sophisticated, perfect for the modern day gentleman. You’re hitting the town or the gym, Herrera's Bad Boy for Men is the perfect scent to leave you feeling confident and irresistible.

About the Brand

Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan-American fashion designer known for her eponymous fashion brand. The House of Herrera is also known for its perfume line, which launched in 1988 with the Carolina Herrera fragrance.

Herrera was born in 1939 in Caracas, Venezuela, into a wealthy family. Her father was an entrepreneur and her mother was a socialite. She began her fashion career working as a publicist for Emilio Pucci in the 1960s. In the 1970s, she moved to New York City and became a stylist for Halston. In 1980, she launched her own fashion label with help from Vogue editor Diana Vreeland.

Ingredients: This perfume is made up of four main ingredients: cannabis, grapefruit, black pepper, and geranium. Each of these ingredients has its own unique scent which contributes to the overall fragrance of the perfume.


Top Notes: 

Cannabis and Grapefruit

Middle Notes:

Black Pepper and Geranium

Base Notes:

Leather and Vetiver

Fragrance Category




1-3 hours

Product Subtype:

Eae De Parfum

Created by: Bruno Jovanovic, Fanny BAL, Nicolas Beaulieu

How to use:

1. Fragrance is intensified by the warmth of your own body. Apply in the creases of your knees and

elbows for a longer-lasting, stronger scent.

2. After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin. This breaks down the fragrance, causing it to wear off

more quickly.

3. If you prefer placing fragrance on your wrists, be sure to reapply after frequent hand-washing, as this

tends to rinse off the scent.

4. Replace fragrance after 12 months. Expired perfumes more than a year old lose the integrity of the

original scent.

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