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Every community has its own representation related to art and culture. The Arabic fragrance culture is somewhat different than the ones followed in other countries. In the Middle East, people, especially Arabs, love to wear strong scents. They also love to mix different strong fragrances to make a distinct one.


The trendiest fragrance, oud (derived from agarwood), is the one people love to wear. Apart from that, they also love to create oud aromas as a home fragrance. Agarwood charcoal is burned in the burner to make fumes.


Traditionally, Arabic perfumes are alcohol-free. So, they are mostly based on natural ingredients.


Arabic fragrance is usually strong and has a thick texture. Arabic fragrance is usually available in the form of perfume oil or eau de parfum. So, you can just dab a few whiffs of this scent on your skin and clothes. Over application of strong scents can cause headaches and other issues.


You need to know the pulse points to make your scent last a long time. You can dab the oils or sprays on your wrists, inside the elbows, inside the knees, on the neck, behind the ears, and on your skin. Scents applied to these areas lead to more longevity.


Apart from that, it is best to apply a moisturizer after taking a bath. It is best to apply the scent after applying the moisturizer. This causes the scent to last longer and stay on the skin.


Arabs love bukhoor the most, they love to apply it on the clothes and on hair as well. The scent is easy to wear and is natural. Apart from that, Arabs love floral and fruity scents as well.


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