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In the Middle East, residents’ love for bukhoor is never-ending. Arabs love to light this traditional woody scent at home and other places. Bukhoor used to be a special significant scent used in weddings and ceremonies. Now, the scent is used regularly in homes, offices, and public places due to its relaxing and peaceful impact. In addition to these, small, portable versions are also available to be used in cars. Apart from that, the traditional Emarati scent is used in coffee shops and hotels as well.

The word "Bukhoor" is an Arabic word used to denote aromatic wood chips, mostly agarwood. It is said that bukhoor first originated with the Levantine tribes of Arabia. The tribes would set up camp and burn agarwood chips to create the fragrance and get rid of insects. Now it has become a cultural symbol.

The smell is created by using agarwood chips soaked with jasmine and sandalwood to make them soft and sweet. Some citrus essential oils are also added to enhance the flavor. The wood is shaped into squares or blocks and is burned over the stove or burner. Flames emerging due to burning spread the scent. Lighting agarwood sounds the same as burning natural resin incense.

These days, several popular brands are providing portable bukhoor packets for everyday usage. Moreover, bukhoor sets, including burners and cubes, are also available at feasible prices

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