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It is time to feel the supremacy of oud perfume. Oud or agarwood is considered a precious fragrance in the Middle East. The scent is known as an extravagant fragrance ingredient and is considered costlier than gold in the Middle East. However, Arabian oud perfume is highly popular in the rest of the world as well.

Known as agarwood in English, the oud perfume is derived from the bark of an agarwood tree. Agarwood is found in SouthEast Asia. Now, Arabian oud perfume is used as a fresher at homes and public places. In addition to these, extravagant ingredient is also used in creating perfumes for both men and women.

Experts say that fungal attack on the tree causes the formation of agarwood. The fungus attack turns the light wood into the dark and resinous wood. The satisfying and tempting scent emerges in the process. The procedure takes years. Oil extracted from the reacted wood is blended to create the perfume.

These days, various versions of oud perfume are trending. The ingredient is mixed with some other spices and flavors to create tempting allure. Popular brands including Holy Oud, Fex collection, Maison, and others actively facilitate their customers with the standardized quality of Arabian oud perfume variants. The finest collection of agarwood scents are available here. 


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