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After shave is the liquid or gel you apply to your body after shaving. Removing facial hair through shaving can be painful. One can face skin dryness, burns, bumps, or irritation after the process. So, applying after shave is a good treatment as it acts like a sanitizer for the face.


After you remove your facial hair, you are more likely to come into contact with bacteria and germs because of tiny cuts, exposed skin or open pores. So, your face needs to be protected from germs and harmful elements. Fortunately, after shave cream or liquid does its magic and protects the skin. It closes the pores and reduces itching and swelling. It also reduces ingrown hairs and prevents hair follicle inflammation. On the other hand, it also promotes the regrowth of skin tissue to protect the skin.


However, be careful to use the after shave with proper care. Too much usage can be harmful because some after shaves are alcohol-based.


There is a suitable process for using the after shave creams and gels. You can follow your regular shaving process for your face, legs, or any other part of your body. After that, rinse the shaved part with cold water to remove the excess cream and hair residue. Then, dry the area using a clean towel. Do not rub it in, just pat dry the area. Then, take some after shave liquid in your palm and apply it evenly to the area. It is better not to use the gel or cream daily. You can use it once in few days. Frequent use can be harmful.


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