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Shop for the exfoliating and revitalizing body cream here. Add a creamy touch to your skincare routine.

How is body cream different from body lotion? Both lotion and cream serve the purpose of hydrating the skin and healing dryness. And, both cream and lotion contain oil and water. However, both are different because of their appearance and advantages.

Body lotion has a higher percentage of water than oil. Also, lotion is less viscous and non-greasy. It hydrates the skin as the skin absorbs it.

On the other hand, body cream is generally thicker and has a higher percentage of oil than water. The cream is a bit greasy. The cream acts as a barrier to keep the skin ultra-hydrated. And, it also provides protection from scorching sun rays and prevents tanning. Body cream heals dry skin and keeps it moisturized. In addition to this, it also helps lighten the dark areas of the body like knees, elbows, and others.

Body cream, too, comes in various flavors depending on the weather conditions and skin types. Cold creams are designed to be used to treat dry skin in the winter. Creams for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and other skin types are different.

In order to choose the best-suited body cream, it is important to know your skin type. You have to identify the issues related to skin you are facing. You can also consult skincare experts. Secondly, you have to check if the cream is not leaving any side effects on your body. Some low-quality creams can cause blackness and irritation on your body. Always buy skincare items from authentic brands.

Here, you can check out a diverse collection of body creams. All items are highly recognized and have good ingredients. Heal your skin and mood with some relaxing body creams.


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