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Bukhoor is the Arabic word used for aromatic woodchips. The woodchips, mixed with some natural ingredients and fragrance oils, create the heavenly scent of bukhoor. The scent is traditional and is widely used in Middle Eastern countries. Also, people in other countries of the world use it as well. Bukhoor is burned in a special bukhoor burner or bukhoor stand.


The scent has religious significance in the Middle East countries. Also, the scent has a relaxing impact. So, it is used as a home fragrance. Bukhoor burners and bukhoor stands are widely used not only in homes but in public places too.


Bukhoor burner or Bukhoor stand should be stable enough to hold the bukhoor disk. And, it should be coated well so you do not burn your hands while touching it. Also, the design of the stand should be stable so you can firmly place it anywhere at home.


Setting the stand or the burner (also known as makhbara) is easy. First, put the charcoal disk in the incense burner. Then, apply the fire using a matchstick or lighter to the plate. Light the fire till you can see sparkles crossing the coal. You can see the gray ash appearing on the top of the disc. This means that the disc has become hot enough to put bukhoor on it. Finally, just place the bukhoor on the disc. Your burner is ready to enchant you with the majestic home fragrance. If you want to clean the stand, make sure it is fully cooled down. Then, you can clean the stand by removing the ashes.


Follow the culture and get mesmerized by the divine aroma of bukhoor. Buying bukhoor only is not enough. Get the burner and create the natural essence at home without experiencing the damage and side effect.

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