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Make your home a place to relax and dream with the soothing Dukhoon.


Dukhoon scent is created by burning the bukhoor chips. The process and scent is same like oud, made by burning agarwood. Agarwood is burned and mixed with perfumed oils to create the relaxing heavenly Dukhoon scent. The content is burned in the appropriate Dukhoon burner, depending on the size of bukhoor cube you are burning or where you are placing it. For homes and offices, bigger burners are used. However, you can also buy small and portable versions of Dukhoon burner sets to use in cars and other areas where spaces are tight.


As per the traditions, dukhoon is a type of bukhoor that is made with perfume-soaked wooden chips. Those chips are mixed with suitable ingredients to form the unique luxurious aroma. Fortunately, these scents are based on natural ingredients more. So, the scents give little to no side effects. And, the heavenly aroma give good vibes. You return to your home after a tough day and the natural dukhoon chips aroma hits your mind. That is all you need to have a pleasant mood.


The packet of Dukhoon or Dukhoon burner comes with suitable instructions about how to set the burner and how to burn it with oil. The fragrance oils used can make the scent remain active for hours. Also, setting the dukhoon burner is easy. You just need to place the cube in the Dukhoon burner after flaming it. It works for a long time and you can place it at any corner of your home.


If you want to purchase this home scent, make sure you are purchasing the genuine one. For this, you can check the collection here. All the aromas are highly authentic and are available at the convenient rates.

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