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Upgrade your gaming experience with the trendiest and classiest wireless gaming mouse. Reach your target and get victory with good features.


The gaming wireless mouse is blessed with a sensor. The sensor tracks the motion of the mouse across the surface. It translates the movement of the cursor on the computer screen. The mouse no longer uses rollers these days. Things have been upgraded. Laser or optical sensors are used to check the motions.


Another important feature in the gaming mouse is DPI/CPI. DPI is the short form of "Dots Per Inch", whereas CPI is described as "Counts Per Inch". These terms are used to check the sensitivity of the mouse. More DPI or CPI means the mouse is more sensitive to the cursor movements. So, more DPI is a good option. A good gaming wireless mouse may have a DPI or CPI button. You can adjust the DPI level as per usage and your gaming fever.


On the other hand, the gaming mouse has poll rate characteristics. The mouse reports its number, giving the position back to the computer. The polling rate is the rate at which the report is given a consistent number of times each second. The higher poll rate implies that the computer will respond quickly to the mouse movements. But, the rate should reach the appropriate high level. If it goes too high, the speed of the computer and the speed of games can be affected.


Apart from that, a good gaming mouse should have good tracking speed. The tracking value is related to the DPI or CPI. Maximum tracking speed can be good for you.


Finally, the body of the gaming mouse matters a lot. The body should be strong and stable enough to support the tough features. For this, you can check out the latest collection of wireless gaming mouse here.

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